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Welcome to Shape and Spa – A place where your perfect health, shape and well-being, is our top priority.

Escape Life's stresses and strains... Stay on top of your health and well-being with a Routine Massage Course. Here's just a few advantages of Routine Massage:

  • lose your stresses to take on life relaxed and with ease
  • relive tension & pain to move and play more comfortably
  • boost of good hormones for your bliss and happiness
  • increase range of motion to operate at your best

Routine Massage is self-care & body maintenance – not a luxury!

Massage & Body work

Aroma Deep Sleep

single 1hr. £60  /  routine 6s. £299

Relive tension and enable better sleep with this gentle but deeply relaxing soft tissue massage. Choose between mood boosting Ylang Ylang or superb soothing Lavender essential oil blend to suit your mood.

Swedish Full Body

single 1.5hrs. £80  /  routine 6s. £399

A intensive deep tissue massage using swedish techniques to improve circulation and relieve muscular pain. Regular treatments of this endorphins booster will help speed up your recovery time after sports and enhance athletic performance.

Gent's Half Marathon

single 2hrs. £105  /  routine 6s. £499

This exceptionally effective bodywork experience with combined deep tissue massage techniques and a full body stretch routine was created with a gent's physique and muscularity in mind. You can look forward to advanced athletic progression, improved joint flexibility, tension relieve and compelete relaxation.

Body Glow Massage

single 2hrs. £105  /  routine 6s. £499

This fabulous full body dry brush treatment with Eucalyptus back scrub followed by a moisturising Chamomile body spray will enhance your skin appearance, detoxify and give you silky smooth skin. Finishes off with a soothing, deeply relaxing full body massage and perfectly prepares the skin for your Sun Holiday!

Shape Studio
Shape Studio

Pre - Massage Routine

Dynamic Tension Relief

single s. £45  /  bundle 6s. £199

This 30mins Dynamic Tension Relief is specially designed as a pre-massage routine and will go hand in hand with your massage treatment. Helps to increase mobility and reduce tension across your body.

Power Yoga Routine

single s. £45  /  bundle 6s. £199

Feeling stressed? Get centered with this delightful 30mins Power Yoga Routine to increase mobility and strength. Pair it with your massage treatment and your worries will be far gone.

On Chair Fit Massage

single s. £45  /  bundle 6s. £199

Suffer from desk related neck, shoulder or back pain? This lovely Fit Massage treatment will allow your therapist to work deep on thoes knots using pressure point teqniques combined with applied yoga and gentle stretches to give you a sense of fitness.

Shape Studio

Let the magic of movement unfold.. take charge of your health and transform your shape with a Foundation Fitness Plan. It can fit into the busiest schedule and be matched with your existing exercise routine.

Your Fitness Bundle will have a wonderful carry over effect on all aspects of your life.. here's what it will do for you:

  • reverse ageing with improved metabolic age, energy and drive
  • wash away your worry and stress by balancing your hormones
  • enhance immunity & promote heart health for better life quality
  • natural healer, will boost your body's painkillers and mood elevators

If all of the above isn't pure magic.. then not sure what is?

Shape Studio
Shape Studio

Foundaton Fitness

TRX Abs & Glutes

once/week £199  /  twice/week £299

Burnout and sculpt thoes problem area's with this 6weeks long TRX routine and notice how it progressively advances you towards flat abs, firm thighs and wonderfully well shaped glutes.

Barbell Bundle

once/week £299  /  twice/week £499

Olympic weight lifting never gets boring with this 6weeks Barbell routine. Build around foundation and barbell basics, this routine will give you the fitness burst your looking for! You'll love this solid workout plan with dynamic moves, interval complexes and a great cardio finisher to target and tone your entire body.

Body Balance Bundle

once/week £299  /  twice/week £499

Feeling stiff? Regardless of your sport, you'll learn to take your body anywhere you want to go! Each 60mins session in this 6weeks foundation fitness plan, focuses on a different area of your body to built strength and mobility. Tune into your body and feel which area need the most attention, with this solid yoga inspired workout plan to build flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Shape Up Club

6 weeks coaching £599

Waiting for a sign..? This is it! Empower yourself with this life changing coaching program as it could possibly be your single most impactful experience to re-shape your body and re-capture the glory days when you were at your physical best. Stunning value over lifetime for lasting results. Get in touch and never look back!

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